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Tips To Consider During Rental Property Investment

Admin      February 09, 2021

Investing in rental properties can prove to be an asset for many and can make your future secure. Knowing about the massive advantages the property investments give in the taxers people have become more intrigued in investing in properties.

However, investing in property is not a cakewalk, and one cannot put money without knowing about it. You need to understand the rental property investment strategy for making such huge investments. It has been observed that 
rental properties can give large profits as well as massive losses.

What To Know Before Buying A Rental Property?

If you are purchasing cheap rental properties in London for the first time, then there are few things which you should keep in mind.  

Investing in rental property for beginners
can be a tricky decision. Many investors take debts as an investment strategy, but if you have recently stepped into the market, you should not take huge debts and overload yourself. Especially if you have a student loan, car loan, bills etc. then property rent will add to your expenses which you may not be able to pay.
  Calculate your margins and return rates well before investing in properties. You do not want to be disappointed in the end when you do not get a reasonable return rate. Research, analyse and then invest is the key you should remember in rental investments.  

Tips You Should Always Remember While Making Rental Property Investments:-

  • Choosing A Wise Property
There are different types of properties available in the market, like duplexes, triplexes, penthouse, flats etc. You need to decide which one you should buy depending upon your investment amount. Before investing do a quick research about the various sectors of the property and then conclude.

  • Define Your Reason Of Investment
Identify the purpose of your buying rental property. Many people buy for the sake of tax relaxation while many invest in to increase their cash flow. Analyse how much cash flow is good for rental property and whether you want to use the rent for your down payment and future financial goals. 

  • Choose Your Market Carefully
Some markets might show exponential rise while some might have a downfall. You should choose the market and place of the investment carefully. Many people get fascinated with the cheap rental properties in London but regret later as they do not give the desired return on investment (ROI). Buy property in an area that is high in demand and has good supply.

  • Always Keep A Backup Amount
Properties need repairing and maintenance from time to time. You should always keep some amount that you can spend on miscellaneous expenses. Also, to keep the property in good condition, you should pay at least 10% of the rent on its repairs and maintenance.

  • Managing The Property
Once you have bought the property, you will have to look after to fill the space once it gets vacant. This might require you to screen the tenants and visit the property to look after its condition.

  • Expense Calculation
You might be needing money to advertise your property, property insurance, repairs, bills, bear loss when the property is vacant. It is not guaranteed that your place will be occupied all the time, so you might have to bear the loss when empty.   

Best Places To Invest In London

London offers plush properties at reasonable prices, so many people would like to invest in rental [properties. But not every place in London will give you good returns, so know the best places in London where you can invest.

(a) Barking and Dagenham -
This place is well linked to public transports that take you to central London. This property is one of the plushest properties of London surrounded by museums and parks.

(b) Leyton -
Leyton is the hidden gem of London which people can explore. The properties here are comparatively reasonable. 

(c) Havering -
Located in East London, this place is surrounded by greenery and calmness.

(d) Battersea -
If you are looking for a property made for an upsize family, this is ideal.

(e) Bloomsbury -
Looking for a location near Central London, Bloomsbury offers properties at a lower price than others.


This blog is an insight into the real rental property investment world. We have tried to give you a glimpse of the real investment world through the points mentioned above. Keep these points in mind before buying rental properties that can provide good returns.


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