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Helpful Tips To Find Comfortable Yet Affordable Student Accommodation In London

Admin      February 16, 2021

London is a scenic place that attracts many tourists, but it is also one of the largest hubs of education. Many students migrate to London for their further studies. Comfortable yet affordable accommodation is the most prominent concern students face. Finding a luxurious and comfortable space in London can be difficult, but you can crackdown on the challenges by keeping few tips in mind.

Accommodation in the off-campus can fall out of budget and might not be good as well. You will look for various checkpoints where you are planning to live but still miss out on some. Take this piece as a guide for
student accommodation London and go through the tips that will help the students find the best accommodation.

Before finding student accommodation in London, do your homework first, like when you want to shift, which area you want to move to, and how long you will stay.

Safety Should Be The Priority

You are shifting to a new place with lesser-known people. So, choosing an area that is safe and has a friendly neighborhood will make your stay comfortable. Choose an accommodation where you will feel safe and secure as this is one of the most crucial tips for flat hunting in London.

2. Staying Alone Or With A Roommate

This is a tough choice which you have to make yourself. If you are moving out of your parents' house for the first time, then shifting alone would often make you feel homesick, but if you like being in your own company and want freedom in your accommodation, staying alone would be a good choice for you. If you want to find
cheap accommodation London, then probably finding a roommate would divide the expenses.

3. Rent Is Exclusive Of?

Look for what all amenities the rent includes and how much you need to pay extra for the necessities. Make a list of amenities you want in your accommodation and then start finding a place to live in London. There are many things like the electricity bill, housekeeping, and maintenance that might be exclusive of the rent, so it is better to know what the rent includes.  

4. Near To Campus

If you are opting an off-campus accommodation, you surely do not want to move very far from the college. Staying near the college will make attending classes very easy and also cut down your daily traveling cost.  

5. List And Visit As Many Properties As You Can

You are new to the place, so the best and reliable companion is the internet. Surf places online to see which locality is near your college, which is comparatively cheaper and has more amenities. Compare between the accommodations to choose the best places to live in London.

6. Read Terms And Conditions

It is always wise to check the agreements and carefully read the terms and conditions before signing them. The agreement states that you agree to follow the conditions mentioned in the document and liable to any expense or consequence if any damage is found.  

7. Make Wise Use Of Social Media

Put your social media account to a wise use by requesting people to suggest places to live in London. Social media has connected people from various parts of the world, so enquiring about a vacancy or suggestion might lead you in the correct direction of finding luxurious accommodation in London.  


Moving out of home and shifting to an entirely new place might upset you, but a comfortable accommodation that makes you feel like home can make you feel happy. If this is your first time hunting for a spare room in London, these tips will help. Safety is the primary aspect one should look for, and choosing accommodation with CCTV cameras would be good. Do not spend more on traveling and hence select a locality nearby the college campus.   

You are starting a new journey that will make you more independent and responsible. Consider these tips and your hunt for accommodation in London would be more comfortable.


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