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Tips to Find Affordable Student Accommodation in UK

Admin      January 24, 2023

Students from all over the world are crossing borders, continents, and oceans to get high-quality international education, and this is a worldwide trend as well. The majority of students choose to further their education in the United Kingdom. Moving to the UK may allow international students to experience a range of cultures and make new friends from around the world. Every person is appreciated and given good treatment in the UK, and the authority makes it simple for international students who wish to remain and work in the UK after completing their studies. UK universities offer full-time assistance, quality academics, and research programs. Getting the right place to live in UK for students is not a big deal. Even the average student rent in the most affordable UK city is 50% cheaper than the national average. If you intend to further your education in the United Kingdom, you can choose between university housing and renting a house or flat. To fix your accommodations, consider the following factors too:

1. Choose the Accommodation Type You Prefer

Before looking for a location, it is important to desire the type of accommodation first. Primary housing options available in the United Kingdom are rental homes or apartments, private studio apartments, and university housing.
  •  University Accommodation

University housing might range from a room with a common bathroom to a suite-like private room with an attached bathroom. Typically, the university will send you the details on the sorts of rooms they offer, allowing you to choose the best one that meets your needs. The option of food with/without accommodations is available. Keep in mind that university housing will be available largely to first-year undergraduates and postgraduates, so if you are a senior graduate, you will not get university accommodation. Also read: Why you should choose off-campus housing
  •  Private Houses

If you decide to seek a place to stay in a large city, your best option will be a private room or home. If you are willing to share a room with other students or professionals, the cost will be cheaper. This will provide you with more privacy than university housing. Typically, students of any level are allowed to apply.
  •  Purpose-Built Student Accommodations (PBSA)

PBSAs offer large residential complexes specially designed for students only. In addition to 'traditional' common rooms, they are renowned for their excellent facilities, such as on-site gymnasiums, sports facilities, and study areas. You will also have a great deal of freedom in choosing the room types and the dates you wish to start accommodating them.

 2. Fix A Budget For Your Student Accommodation

When you select student accommodations, consider the amount you can really spend on housing while studying abroad. When you are planning for a study abroad program, you should first develop a budget for your entire study abroad term. Fix your expenses for your monthly accommodation. If you prefer to stay in university housing, you may have the option of selecting a plan for the payment. Internet connection and water costs are university housing fees. If you choose to rent a private house, choose a place that falls in monthly fees that you can afford. Some apartments and houses include utility expenses in the rent, while others will ask for it separately. Before signing the lease, you should verify this and account for all expenses in your budget.

3. Choose an Affordable Location

The United Kingdom is a small country with easy transportation, so living in a major city is not necessary to experience everything. In addition, many of the smaller cities in the UK are fantastic destinations for students, offering a variety of graduate programs and cultural attractions.


    These are the three main cities in the UK that are most reasonably priced for international students.
  • Hull

Accommodations in Hull start at £60 per week. The biggest perk of living here is the closeness to the University of Hull if you prefer to study. The city has improved throughout the years and is currently referred to as the UK's cultural capital.
  •  Dundee 

The University of Dundee is located on the banks of the River Tay, and it is near both Edinburgh and Glasgow. You might get accommodation starting at £50 weekly here.
  •  Sunderland

The city is chosen as the best place to live in UK. The locals are sincere, cordial, and devoted to their city. There are numerous soccer clubs here. The weekly rent for the home here starts at £70. Get tips for finding house for rent in UK

4. Investigate About Services and Licence Requirements

There is no need to worry about utility research or internet access if you pick university housing. However, if you plan to rent privately, you'll need to surf well on the internet about the providers and thus get to know the ones you'll register. If you also want to buy a TV or cast it on a laptop, you just need a license. You'll also need to buy some kind of contents insurance to protect your new home.

5. Verify the Supplies and Items in the Accommodation

The majority of university housing is completely furnished, so students only bring a bed and kitchenware. If you want to choose an apartment or a home, check with the flat owners to see if it is completely furnished or not. Most of the overseas students choose to live in apartments that are already set up, so they don't have to worry about buying furniture when they get to UK.

Wrapping Up

Everyone favours studying abroad to better their future and way of life. The United Kingdom offers a low-cost and straightforward approach to higher education, as well as an affordable stay. Since the lease for your accommodations will be a long-term commitment, make sure it's a place you'll feel safe and comfortable.


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