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Secure your property before you leave for vacation

Admin      June 07, 2017

House robberies used to be more common back in 20th century, but as the time progressed, it is less and less frequent due to various technical novelties such as alarms or CCTVs, which are more and more common in the streets monitoring our steps. Nowadays are the crimes more on cybernetic level.

Despite the above you should not underestimate the situation and you should not definitely create opportunities for the thieves to make you their victims. There are many small robberies in the streets every day. Wallets or purses, handbags, bicycles and many others, which are not even being reported.
Even though, now and then it happens that a thief gets to your home and steals valuable things from your drawers and period of vacations is hardest time for such people, though this can happen to you even during the night while sleeping upstairs. Thieves are innovative professionals in what they do, hence do not make things easier for them.

When leaving for vacation, make sure you follow those security rules: 

  • Set up your alarm and make sure there are no spider nets around the sensors. Those can trigger it off.
  • Do not tell anybody when and where you are leaving, unless it is really necessary (at work while asking for holidays, etc.). People talk and when the information comes to wrong ears, it can cause troubles
  • When leaving your home, try not to make it obvious by showing everybody your packed suitcases.
  • Ask your family to come now and then to your apartment during the evening time to switch the light on. Neighbours will notice when your windows are dark for longer period of time. For this purposes, you can also buy a timer switch that will turn the light on and off at certain times. 
  • Silence your landline and mobile phones you are not taking with you. If living in detached house or flat, you do not want people nearby to hear it ringing and ringing.
  • If your mailbox is not hidden inside of the building where nobody else has access, make sure somebody will withdraw the post for you. Overfilled box will certainly show, that there is nobody in.
  • Close and double check all windows and doors that lead to communal area or outside of the building. You may think you closed it and locked it, but how many times were you thinking whether you did turn of the stove or unplug the iron from socket. Make a list of things and tick them once done. You can double check it later if you are not sure about that.
Those are basics to increase security of your home while away. Another alternative solution is to ask a member of your family or close friend to live in your place while you are away. 


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