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Property for Sale in London, UK - The Right Time for a Bargain

Admin      June 30, 2017

Post-Brexit and after the recent UK election, the general feeling is that the scenario in housing and property is not that bright. Leave aside this pessimism that this is not the right time for a bargain either.  

But in reality it is not so; there is scope for selling at a bargain price. Sure there is a panic set it which is bound to be temporary, and it is advantageous if you can avoid real estate agents and do it without estate agents. In fact, the present day pessimism about the scope is created by them for their advantage.

There could be some knee-jerk reactions that can send ripples across the market in a negative way, in fact, the reaction has a snowballing effect on the buyers and sellers alike. There is a flurry of activity to make the customers make an impulse purchase creating an impression that the price may skyrocket.   It is true that some sellers may have relaunched their properties to attract overseas buyers now that Sterling has fallen to 30-year lows. The overseas market is bright so there is a surge of foreign buyers showing keenness in London properties. But be assured, that this is the time to sell and start bargaining too. No more distress sale is called for.  

As the property in the UK (especially in London) is still a sound investment, there are buyers waiting for your advertisement on the internet.


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