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Finding The Best Student Accommodation In London, UK

Admin      February 03, 2020

Studying abroad is a dream of many students especially when you get a chance to study in World's second-best city for students. However fulfilling this dream has lots of challenges and the major one is finding the best student accommodation in London. Besides having ample of options like the rented apartment, private student halls, houses or flats, getting an apartment is not easy. Why?  

Lesser availability of the properties raises the price bar and students get easily tricked due to lack of knowledge. As a result, they end up paying higher rents for an apartment that's not worthy. Luckily, our readers don't have to worry because we are here to help them find cheap accommodation in London especially for student.  

Narrow down your options with these helpful tips:-  

Be specific about your needs - Do you need a shared apartment? Or are you looking for a room with a single bedroom? Whether you are looking for a room in a central location of the city or near the university? Get the answer to these questions, first.  

Availability of options - Students can either opt for student halls, private accommodation or rent a room as cheap student accommodation in London. We suggest you live in student halls especially if it is just the beginning of your graduation life. Student halls are best for newcomers as they get the chance of interacting with students from different corners of the world. Later, you can move to a single bedroom house for more privacy and security.  

Rental Bracket - Your decision is hugely dependent on the rent you will pay. Living in halls of residence would cost you around 130- 300/ week. Private accommodation costs more, somewhere 160-400 whereas rent of a room in London starts from for a week. This cost varies depending on whether other bills like electricity and water is included or not.  

Location location location! Find your home here!  

As per a survey, the following are the best places for student accommodation in London based on travel time, quality of life, safety, and social demographics:  

(1) Bermondsey 
(2) Bethnal green 
(3) Finsbury Park  

Luckily, universities and colleges have their accommodation office. Take their help and they will guide you the right place for your stay in London. You can trust them as the safety of students is their priority.  


Usually, there are affordable options for students in London. All you need is searching the place suitable for your requirements. Once found meet the landlord, trust your instincts and book the place before it gets snapped up. Always remember, if a place appears good then it's really is good. Remember to stay focused on budget areas within close proximity of your university and whether you'd like to live in private accommodation or shared flats available in those areas.


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