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WARNING: Be aware of scammers. If deposit or rent is asked upfront, it is a fraud. Do not send any deposits prior viewing of the property and verifying of the landlord.


Essentials for an Effective Rental Ad - Attract Your Tenants with Good Marketing

Admin      May 04, 2018

An effective rental ad is something that is short, sweet and contains full information. The advertisement is viewed by large number of people only when it contains all the relevant information. Basic specification of the property, detailed policies, quality images are necessary to attract the tenants who are really interested in viewing a property. Here is the list of requisites that makes an advertisement more presentable and informational to the tenants -

  •  Quality Photos - Advertise the property on websites by highlighting its best parts is a necessity. Including one picture of each area makes the ad more appealing. Take pictures when there is proper lighting as good qualities pictures attract more number of tenants.
  •  Monthly Rent & Required Security Deposit -  Including the exact rent or the range you are little flexible with is important for making the ad more effective and to let your rental property in a quick time. Also include how much amount you require as a security deposit. This is a good thing to get in contact with the potential renters only.
  •  Lease Period - Lease agreement should always be clear to your tenants. Simply state the month of lease and any other policies related to that agreement so that there is no confusion between tenants and landlord. 
  •  Utilities Included - Always be specific on what utilities you are providing and at which cost. Are they included in the monthly rent or you will charge extra money for them should always be clarified?  
  •  Pet Policy - Make your pet policy clear in your rental ad and specify what pets are allowed in your property so as to prevent misunderstandings or conflict in the future.

Also the description in the advertisement should be made in a way that complements the photos and other features of the listing. Keep your ad simple by highlighting the best part of your property. Present your property in a well manner and give yourself the chance to find a great tenant in no time.


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