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WARNING: Be aware of scammers. If deposit or rent is asked upfront, it is a fraud. Do not send any deposits prior viewing of the property and verifying of the landlord.


Beware of Fraud Advertisements

Admin      June 01, 2017

There are Frauds in every single type of the business and estate market is not an exception. Many advertisements from private landlords on websites tempting people with good conditions are suspicious from the very beginning. Some of them might be real, but those cases are more likely rare exceptions.

Very convenient price belongs to one of the most common signs that should make people cautious about their next steps. Every locality and type of building has its price and it would be very unwise from the home owners to rent their place under the market price. Such advertisements may be targeting students looking for accommodation as usually they try to find as economic option as possible.

Another indicator is locality. Most of the fraud advertisements are in very lucrative areas. Areas, where everybody would like to live, hence number of people responding to such advertisements is higher and chances to trick people increases.  

Advertisements with pictures from luxurious apartments is next thing people should mention. If you are not sure that the pictures are real, feel free to ask for more pictures of the same place and ask the owner to put some object such as a plate or a chair on specific place. Such picture on demand will make you sure, that the advertiser has access to the place.

Last but not least thing that can indicate that you are dealing with fraudster is paying of deposit even without seeing the actual place. If somebody asks for money in advance under any kind of excuse, it is most likely scam and you should be very cautious. They may come with many stories saying if you want to be sure to get the place, you will have to pay a deposit to show your real intentions. If you accept this condition, it is most probable that you will never see your money and never hear from them either.

If you think that the  advertisement  is not real, please contact us at info@withoutestateagency.co.uk  and we will verify the advertiser. You can also report the ad from section Ad Detail. 


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