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WARNING: Be aware of scammers. If deposit or rent is asked upfront, it is a fraud. Do not send any deposits prior viewing of the property and verifying of the landlord.


Accommodation For University Students

Admin      January 06, 2021

Going to London University for the first time is quite an exciting time! But before this, you have to settle yourself in London in the right place. Yes, here we are talking about accommodation for university students. We understand it is a daunting task to find accommodation, that too in a good range and safe location as well. This is why; we are providing some tips to find suitable cheap accommodation London properties close to your campus or University. It would be best to read this blog once, and then all the solutions to your problems will be in your hand.  

Following are the great tips to find accommodation in London given here, including:-


Suppose the University is far-away from your accommodation, how you would manage every day. However, if someone has a vehicle can manage it easily, what about those who don't have any vehicle. Either such kind of students reaches the campus either via bus/cab or cycle, but all these things will waste their time, right? It is better to find accommodation nearer to the university to attend the classes on time easily. You can also use any app to locate Student Accommodation in London in a short time. 

Don't be afraid

We understand moving out of your house without parents and then starting to step in a new direction can sometimes be a panic. In this situation, you may feel safe and secure alone. Also, you have to manage everything itself, whether it is from finding accommodation to move in. But don't be panic; take time, and find a perfect room or apartment for you.   

Be-open minded

Don't forget to consider your needs while finding the space for you. Sometimes, students don't find a room as per their suitability. They do compromise, and consequently, they have to suffer. So, never make a decision hastily, go through the room, landlord's paperwork, and other things. Check basic amenities like a safe environment, well-painted space, electricity & water supply, etc.   

Ask queries

Don't step back at asking queries about the room you are looking at. Yes, it may sound stupid! But you should find out everything you can about the accommodation before you put a deposit on it. Another vital thing includes how fast the internet is. Some accommodations have a Wi-Fi and cable connection. So, please ensure the proper internet or mobile signal connection in that area.   

What's included for which you are paying for

Of course, you would be happy with the cheapest option, but you must check what's included in the price. Sometimes, the cheapest accommodation doesn't include things like electricity and water bills. This means you end up paying much than you think, become a fool! It is better to work on your budget and see whether you can afford the accommodation if bills aren't included.   


The most considerable point, but many students don't consider sometimes. They focus on every aspect, except security. But this is the foremost point, always check the room you rented has any CCTV around it or security alarm, or there is any watchman. Don't forget; you are paying for all the things you need. Without considering these points, do not go ahead. After all, you will spend your money.   


Always look at the apartment or room from inside to ensure a better furnishing area. Both the bathroom and kitchen should be well-maintained because they are related to hygiene. Also, see the walls, whether it has any rupture or need dampness treatment. The overall appearance of a room should be clean, peaceful, and cozy. A better environment impacts your lifestyle and habits somewhere. A balanced and happier life is important!  


After considering all the given-above things, you will get the best and cheap accommodation in the UK along with several benefits. All the given factors have been prepared to keep in mind the needs and safety of students. If you can't find an ideal space for you, then hiring a property manager remains the last option. Yes! They can find a room as per your choice & needs. You have to mention your needs to them, and they will find them in no time. They are trustworthy and experienced.  We would also suggest you live alone instead of with any friends because it sometimes disturbs your personal life. But still, if you want to live with him/her, you should rent an apartment. An apartment should have separated rooms to avoid interference from each other. It saves your money which you might have spent on yourself before. So, today start searching for accommodation in London keeping in mind your needs and above factors and as you find a better one, settle there and enjoy!


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