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WARNING: Be aware of scammers. If deposit or rent is asked upfront, it is a fraud. Do not send any deposits prior viewing of the property and verifying of the landlord.


Where to find apartments for rent by owner in UK

Admin      May 02, 2017

Are you a working professional who has changed job and is moving to a new place and is searching for an apartment? Or a student who has completed school and ready to move out from in need of an apartment? In this blog in where to find apartments for rent by owner in UK you will be given tips on how to search for the right one per your requirement.

If you wish to stay near your office/college, why do not you check the neighbourhood? The time to commute long distances will be saved. For finding apartment and flats for rent in London UK, take a long walk in the neighbourhood looking for signs displaying "To let" "For Rent" "Vacancy" "For lease".

You can find the signs in front of many apartment buildings. If there is a college in the vicinity, a batch of students of the final year will complete their exams and their rooms will be available. Some landlords of the adjoining area will be granted permission by the college management to advertise on the notice board. These boards will be displayed near the front entrance of the college or near the management office.

If you have a family or a friend in the area, the search may get easier. You can ask for assistance via your contact list that includes family, friends, relatives and even social media friends.
Get to know about the apartment rents of the area, as you are doing your own search without estate agency UKYou will face challenges, but get to know many aspects of life which will help you in the long run. Have your budget ready (that includes the rent and other costs pertaining to bills) and then start to look for the apartment. 

It is better to begin your search three months before the moving date. This will give you time to search and get the best apartment for rent as per your need. Most local newspapers have separate sections for advertisements of rental properties including apartments. Landlords/building managers often advertise via these options.

In case you are unable to go because of work, start your search online. You can search in e-newspapers of the area. There are many websites in UK by which you can search for rental apartments in the UK according to your budget and amenities.

Also Never Forget These Tips

In case you have got an apartment, call the landlord and pay him/her a visit along with a friend/family member. Ensure the visit is done before 5.30 pm. Check if the landlord is an easy going individual. Check if the photos displayed on the advertisement are true and if there are any damages in the apartment. 

Your online friend may have got a new job or he/she would have completed their education and moving out. A friend of someone you know might know a landlord who has an apartment for rent, but has not advertised in any form. Spreading the words among your contacts is a great way of finding an apartment exactly as you desire.  

In case you contact a landlord but his/her apartment has already been booked, kindly ask him if he/she knows of any other apartment that can fulfil your needs. The same profession contacts often work wonders.


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