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WARNING: Be aware of scammers. If deposit or rent is asked upfront, it is a fraud. Do not send any deposits prior viewing of the property and verifying of the landlord.


Rights And Obligations Of Private Landlords And Tenants

Admin      October 13, 2017

Many tenants are not sure on what their rights really are when it comes to a tenancy agreement. We bring you here some points that should help you get basic information.

Rights of Tenants:

  •  To live in safe place, which is in good condition too. 
  •   Not to be disturbed during the tenancy. 
  •   To have deposit returned when your tenancy ends.  
  •   To have information on who your landlord is.
  •   To have the energy performance certificate available.    
  •   To have written agreement about the tenancy.
  •   Not to be evicted without a valid reason.      
  •   To challenge high fees or rent itself.  

 Obligations of Tenants

  • To let landlord access and/or inspect the property (at least 24 hours notice period and reasonable time of the day is required unless emergency case).   
  •  To keep/maintain the property in good condition.       
  •  To pay the rent and other charges according the tenancy agreement.   
  •  To repair or pay for any damage caused by them, their family or friends.         
  •  To sublet the property only with the agreement of the landlord.   

Rights of Private Landlords

  • Landlord can inspect/visit their private property at reasonable time of the day giving tenants at least 24 hour notice, unless it is emergency.
  •  Private landlords have right to get paid according to the tenancy agreement.
  • Landlords can evict the tenant if there is a valid reason, such as not paying rent.

Obligations and Duties of Private Landlords

  • Landlord must not discriminate the tenants or treat them in a different way just because of their    gender, race, martial status, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Landlords must maintain the property in good conditions.
  • Tenants should be allowed to have their privacy secured, hence the visits of landlords should not be frequent or without any reason.
  • To provide and manage the energetic property certificate (EPC).
  • Landlord cannot change the locks without prior notice to the tenant.


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