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Planning to Sell a Tenant Occupied Property - Essential Tips to Consider

Admin      February 17, 2018

Selling a property that is already occupied with the tenants can cause a great stress for both the owner and the tenants as well. As an owner we all have a priority to sell the home at the best market price, on the other hand it becomes a great trouble for the tenants to search for a new home. So if you are planning to confer up your landlord business and want to sell your property at best prices, below are the things that need serious consideration.

  •    Review the lease once - Reviewing the lease holds utmost importance in the whole process. This is essential to avoid all the potential legal problems with the tenants.   
  •   Selling a property to an investor can be a good option -  If there is long time left on the lease and you can't wait for the tenants to move out, selling a property to the investors can be a best alternative.
  •   Communicate with your tenants and help them out - Have a detailed conversation with them and be sure to give them a considerable time to find a new place to live.
  •   Pay your tenant to leave -  If the tenant is not interested in leaving a property or if there is certain time left on the lease, one good option is to offer some amount to the tenants for vacating the property. 
You have a right to sell your property whenever you want but should always be done keeping the rights of the tenants in mind.  Though this process is quite tricky but following the above tips can help you get best prices for your property in a hassle free way. 


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