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Investing in Real Estate - A Veritable Source to Boost Your Retirement Income

Admin      August 31, 2018

At some point of life, we all have dreamt of a comfortable retirement with enough money to continue lifestyle and to achieve this, strategic planning is a must. However, planning for the retirement does not only mean saving a good amount of money, it requires setting your goals and priorities as well.

Most people usually think that retirement is an easy way to move out from hard work. But when it comes to building your retirement pot, it's better to diversify and mitigate the risks of investment. Alongside investing in stock and share markets, real estate investment also proves to be a better option. Investing in properties has always been a part of balanced portfolios. With the regular rental income and long-term potential to increase in value, this is usually a safe way to boost your retirement income.

  • Buy a property for sale & rent it out - This is one of the simplest ways of investing in the competitive real estate market. For a regular source of income after retirement, you can also opt to buy a property for sale and then let it out.
  • Rent out a portion of your property - Another useful cash injection to your pension pot can be made by renting a portion of your home. You may even consider letting up the entire floor if your home is big enough. To boost the income further you could offer other services, such as meals at home and cleaning.
  • Equity release - Equity is an asset, so it's a part of your total net worth. This can be used as an income or lump-sum withdrawals someday if you need to. This can enhance over time if the property value rises or the loan balance is paid down.
Considering the scenario of today's changing market, it is important to consider more than just stocks and shares. Get a financial review from your advisor and learn about the different ways in which real estate investment can fit perfectly into your retirement strategy.


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