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WARNING: Be aware of scammers. If deposit or rent is asked upfront, it is a fraud. Do not send any deposits prior viewing of the property and verifying of the landlord.


Great Reasons To Live In Student Accommodation

Admin      January 13, 2021

If you are going to join university soon and, of course, making up your mind in terms of where you will live, then student accommodation is the best. Yes! There are many cheap flats to rent in London which helps students to find their accommodation in any one of them. Student accommodation is generally one of the first options you will surely think about. Heading into flats or rooms is one of the best experiences always.  

In this blog, we will give you some reasons why it is always a perfect choice. 

A great way to engage yourself in student life

People who live at home when studying have to work hard to make the most of university life, while if you are in student accommodation, student life is all about you. You meet lots of people there, see the outside world & learn every aspect of life.

Students get their own space

Student Accommodation in London
 comes with numbers of advantages like own space and room. It is ideal for students to study without disturbance and giving time to themselves. Studying or going outside, whenever you want. 

Living with liberty and without parents is a great experience

We understand, coming out of home makes you feel sad and daunting as well. But it is a great way to learn lots of important life lessons, whether it is from handling finances to growing emotionally. 

Learn about yourself better than before

You have to sometimes go through difficult situations, and that needs to be a little strong. But you will gradually learn how you can handle any situation in life. In conclusion, you will know about yourself regarding how you can manage situations. 

A chance to try something new

As you know, living in student accommodation brings new challenges in life. From different recipes to different hobbies, everything you can learn alone or with friends too. Also, you can cross-check the outsiders do they deserve your friendship or not? 

Get amazing amenities

In student accommodation, you get various facilities like gyms, games rooms, swimming pool, internet connection, parking area, etc. Yes! Everything depends on what you opt for. Note ? if money is your worry, then opt for basic amenities. 

Reasonable and worth the investment

Some companies offer things like payment plans, which make it more reasonable. It is vital to keep in mind; that everything you get is almost always worth the investment. Choose the apartment or room after seeing the pocket. 

Meet lots of people in the same position as you

When you stay outside the house, you get to meet almost all the people around the globe. Each person belongs to different parts of the world, & you don't know anything about them. But if they're in the same position as you, they will probably be good pals for years to come. 

Parties with your good pals

Not every parent is open-minded; they hardly allow their child for the parties, that too, at late night. But if you're in student accommodation, then definitely no one goes to see you what you are doing right now. You can party hard with your friend circle. 

Some things need to consider before moving into student accommodation

  • Start your journey after planning for a budget. If money is your concern, then choose wisely. Choose the student accommodation as per your need and suitability, because saving means to be something. 
  • Always ensure the rent amount includes water, telephone, and electricity bill. Most of the student accommodation doesn't include such utilities.
  • Choose the accommodation in the university location because it will save your traveling time and money as well. 
  • Before depositing money, check the amount that is not greater than your rent amount. Also, ensure the deposited amount will be returned after you move out of the apartment/room. 
  • Read all the terms and conditions before signing into a rent agreement. You must know whether the lease terms are in your favor or not?
  • If you want to live in sharing with someone, then wisely choose the roommates. If you already know someone who is trustworthy and belongs to the same university, it would be great to live with him. 
  • The flat you will choose should be at a safe location where CCTV cameras and watchman are available. 
  • Lastly, beware of fraud websites and never send money for accommodation before meeting the property-owner or seeing the apartment. Always choose an apartment that is in a safe location and comfortable to live in.


So, now you might have understood why student accommodation is a better choice for students. Now, you have to do is considering all the given above things before starting a journey because after your parents' house this is your second one, Right? Always get the suggestion of friends and other contacts to find better accommodation for you. Today, start searching for an apartment with a good facility, choose the best one, and live there comfortably and peacefully!


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