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Five Things You Should Remember Before Listing Your House for Sale Online

Admin      December 18, 2017

The UK market is an ever-changing maze of houses, land, and commercial property to try to navigate, so when you've made the decision to sell your property how do you make your listing stand out from the crowd? There are five easy steps to follow which will make your selling journey much easier. The first step is to make your home look great, not just from your point of view, but try looking at your house as an outsider. Is the decor in good repair? Are there any major repairs that need to be done? How cluttered does it look? And most importantly, does it feel like a home? Most people will make a decision about a sale almost instantly, so the quicker they feel good at home, the better chance you have.

Secondly, decide if you wish to use a traditional estate agency or to go for online method. The commercial market is growing and so the option to save agency fees and commission is becoming a reality. Weigh up the options; agencies have more experience with sales, however, if you are willing to put in your time you can often do the same job for free.

Next, take many high-quality pictures of your house and land from the best angles; try to make the space look as open as possible. Potential buyers will look at images online before even thinking of viewing the property, so ensure there are plenty of pictures for them to look at.

Afterwards, you will need to list your property online to gain maximum exposure. The online market is where most people will go to search for their potential new house before anywhere else, so ensure you have a strong presence online. Be specific with your listing; you can search for commercial properties, land, flats, and anything in between for sale, so make sure you are clear about what you are putting up for sale.

Check similar listings near to you in the same area. These properties will be your competitors, so make sure you have set a competitive price and your listing matches theirs in terms of details. Check out any open houses near you as well, see if they are offering anything that you aren't, and compare how your sale is matched.


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